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Tweet Adder can be used by both Windows and Mac users.

1. After installing and starting the program the first screen we see is adding the username and password which allows you to log in to your Twitter Account (the account must be established before on Twitter). Tweet Adder, depending on the license you have chosen can supply an infinite number of accounts. There is also a function key, in the same window which starts all the planned operations in any particular account (some more about this at the end of this article).

1.2 After adding the user’s name and password we can login to the right account.  Let’s click the user’s name and log in.

2. In the next window we see menu and tabs for managing automated tasks.

They are grouped in the following way:

2.1 Who To Follow – searching for persons with potentially the same interests as yours (who have the same hobby or lifestyle, or who may be interested in your service or product, etc.).

2.2 Add Follows – following the persons found in the search (based on the criteria you have defined) and their tweets; most will follow back, which will allow them to see your entries and to receive direct messages that you can send individually or collectively.

2.3 Unfollow – rejecting persons who do not follow back to make room for new followers.

2.4 Messages – managing sent messages.

2.5 Tweets – managing entries (tweets) and responses sent to individual users.

2.6 Automation – initiating tasks you have planned ( at a time or in a period you have set ).

That’s it as far as general information is concerned. Next time I will give you as many details as possible.




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