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Increasing interest in Twitter’s popularity has resulted in its interest by internet marketers, movie and pop stars and also business people. Businesses, big and small, as well as regular folks are trying to use this technology to their advantage.

Twitter is not just the fastest way to finding out what are we doing right now but also, due to its overwhelming popularity a great way to promote ourselves, our products and services.

This way has already been utilized by the celebrities, politicians, media and corporations.They have their profiles on Twitter to keep people up to date on what is going on.

Due to the popular demand many new internet services, web sites and tool have been created. Their main purpose is to simplify the excess and multiply the amount of the end users who follow the update of your entries. These are the people who are not just the readers of your status update but most of all your future clients.

In the next post I would like to focus on presenting   tool that I have run into some time ago and that still serves me very well.


Tweet Adder Review

August 6th, 2012 by admin 6 comments »

Tweet Adder can be used by both Windows and Mac users.

1. After installing and starting the program the first screen we see is adding the username and password which allows you to log in to your Twitter Account (the account must be established before on Twitter). Tweet Adder, depending on the license you have chosen can supply an infinite number of accounts. There is also a function key, in the same window which starts all the planned operations in any particular account (some more about this at the end of this article).

1.2 After adding the user’s name and password we can login to the right account.  Let’s click the user’s name and log in.

2. In the next window we see menu and tabs for managing automated tasks.

They are grouped in the following way:

2.1 Who To Follow – searching for persons with potentially the same interests as yours (who have the same hobby or lifestyle, or who may be interested in your service or product, etc.).

2.2 Add Follows – following the persons found in the search (based on the criteria you have defined) and their tweets; most will follow back, which will allow them to see your entries and to receive direct messages that you can send individually or collectively.

2.3 Unfollow – rejecting persons who do not follow back to make room for new followers.

2.4 Messages – managing sent messages.

2.5 Tweets – managing entries (tweets) and responses sent to individual users.

2.6 Automation – initiating tasks you have planned ( at a time or in a period you have set ).

That’s it as far as general information is concerned. Next time I will give you as many details as possible.


Tweet Adder under a microscope…

September 5th, 2012 by admin 20 comments »

2.1 Who to follow – you can search for a person using the following search criteria:

+ by Tweet Keywords (target interests) – search for users by keywords used in their TWEETS

This function finds users who have posted tweets that contain the keyword that you search for, so you can find people that share the same interests.

+ by Bio Keywords – Search for users by keywords used in their

Bio-Description. This feature will find users  with Bio contains the keyword that you search for, so you can find people that share the same interests.

+ by location – within distance of city, state, country, ZIP code

search users by location. This feature finds users in a specific geographic location (you can type the location in many of formats).

+ by followers of another user – use this feature if you want to send follows to all users who are following someone else.

+by users followed by another user – this is useful when you want to send follows to all of the users who someone else is following.

+ by language

2.2 Add Follow – following the persons found in the search tab (based on criteria you have defined). This feature will send follows to people names you have collected on the “Who To Follow” tab (“Search”).

Here you can set the number of follows you send per day.

2.3 Unfollow – remove users who have not followed you back from your list. This tab provides a way to stop following users who you have previously followed who have not followed you back (to make a room for new followers).

You can choose from among the following parameters:

+ number of users to unfollow

+ maximum to unfollow per day

+ stop unfollowing because of ratio (following to followers)

+ unfollow only users followed Tweet Adder – make sure this is checked, if you don’t want to unfollow manually added users

+ time period before unfollowing (in days – use this in order to give users a few days before you unfollow them).

+ Safe List & Safe List Edit – set up a list of users you DON’T want to unfollow.

2.4 Messages (Direct Messages-DM) – send messages to followers.

This option sends a message from your message list to users who are following you. Only one message will be sent to each follower, until you clear the sent messages log.

Here you can:

+ use copy/paste (like in text editor, so you can just paste messages)

+ load messages from/save to file

+ use the bit.ly links shortener, to post your links

+ post YOUR MP3 file to your twitter account

+ choose from sending messages to:

+ newest followers first

+ oldest followers first

+ followers added today

+ followers added this week

+ in any order

+clear a log with messages – this allows you to send MORE THAN ONE message (DM) per follower.

You can set the number of maximum messages to send per day and time delay between messages.

2.5 Tweets – this function posts your Twitter Updates for you, spread throughout the day.

+ features same like for messages

and you can set up:

+ time frame between sending Tweets (minutes)

+ auto reply

+ a time frame for checking for replies

+ maximum tweets to post per day

2.6 Automation – you can automatically:

+ add users

+ follow back

+ unfollow

+ post updates (up to the daily max)

+ post replies to tweets to you ( tweets directly to you

with “@” sign )

+ schedule for automation

+ start tasks when you’re logged in

+ start tasks each day at ….. whenever you want J

+ start/stop it now

3. Tweet Adder menu.

The menu of the program does not include anything you wouldn’t know from other software. The Edit tab allows you to use the clipboard (for copying and pasting) so that you don’t even have to write full messages, etc.

You can just copy text from a text file and paste it in the right location.

The Settings tab allows you to manage proxy servers (if you want to hide your IP address).

In the Trends tab you can see what everyone is twitting about.

4.1. Like any other, this software too has its shortcomings.

Here is a few that I have noticed:

+ sometimes the message “database is locked” is displayed;

+ the trends module should be more extensive;

+ a graphic module for some statistics (increase in the number of followers, etc.) would be recommended.

Well, Rome was not built in a day…

Using Tweet Adder does not prevent you from using other software or handling the account manually – on the contrary.

Why should you be interested in the software?

Tweet Adder works great if you need help automating your Twitter account.

If you don’t and if you want to do everything by hand and have plenty of time to do it, then forget about it.

Still, this software could be of use for searching people. So, if you want to gain several thousands targeted followers quickly or if you have a few accounts (private/business), you should consider using Tweet Adder.


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